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Automobilia (Fahrenheit Books) - "Chester and the Model T" (Mainstream/Literary)

Penumbric - Feb 2024, volume vii, issue 5 "Once in a Lifetime" (Science Fiction)

Star*Line Issue 47.1 "New Variant" (Science Fiction)

Unwilling: Poems of Horror and Darkness (Self-published) Poetry Collection (Horror/Dark Fantasy)


The Best of Eternal Haunted Summer: A Thirteenth Anniversary Edition (Eternal Haunted Summer) "Hecate's Domain" (Mythology)

Best of NewMyths Anthologies Volume IV, The Cosmic Muse (NewMyths Publishing) "Living Things"(Science Fiction)

Daikaijuzine Issue 14 - "Stone Language" (Fantasy)

Eccentric Orbits - Volume 4: An Anthology Of Science Fiction Poetry (Dimensionfold Publishing) "Archivist of a Lost World," "Bid Farewell to Your Digital Assistant," "Don’t Make Me Come Back," and "A Slice of Light" (Science Fiction) Eternal Haunted Summer - Winter - "Last Gasp" (Horror/ Dark Fantasy)

Eternal Haunted Summer Summer - "Gaia on the Steps of Cataclysm" (Slipstream)

Frozen Wavelets Issue 8 - "Howling" (Fantasy)

HWA Poetry Showcase Volume X (Horror Writers Association) "Crows and Ghouls" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Kaleidotrope Summer - "He Sought a Dark Goddess" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Jan/Feb 2023 Issue "Save Me, Sister, You Said" (Mythology) - Issue 65 - "Replenishing Eden" (Science Fiction)

Not One of Us Issue 73 "Notes from Forever Ago" (Science Fiction)

Pyre Magazine Vol 2. Issue 1 "Conjuring" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

The 2023 Rhysling Anthology (Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association) "Living in Rubble" (Science Fiction) and "Spring When I Met You (Spring When I Woke)" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Sand, Salt, Blood: An Anthology of Sea Horror (Sliced Up Press) "I Float" (Slipstream)

Seers and Sibyls (Brigids Gate Press) "At the Crossroads of Old Gods and New" (Fantasy)

Small Wonders Issue 1 - "Not Set in Stone" (Fantasy)

Star*Line Issue 46.4 "Gorgon Restricted" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Star*Line Issue 46.3 "Tips for Shifting: Felis Catus" (Fantasy)

Star*Line Issue 46.2 "Last Act of Service" (Fantasy)

Star*Line Issue 46.1 "To the Happy Couple (Mother Nature's Water Toast)" (Slipstream)

Triangulation: Seven-Day Weekend (PARSEC Ink) "Stolen Memories, Machine Dreams" (Science Fiction)


The Art of Being Human (FableCroft Publishing) "Drawing Blood" (Fantasy)

Best of Penumbric, vol v (June 2k21 to April 2k22) (Penumbric) "Amateurs" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Dark Matter Issue 007 "War Paint" (Science Fiction)

Dreams & Nightmares Issue 122 - "Time Doesn't Temper the Me You See" (Science Fiction)

Dreams & Nightmares Issue 121 "Spring When I Met You (Spring When I Woke)" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

The 2022 Dwarf Stars Anthology: The Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Short Poetry of 2021 (Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association) "Fetch" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Eccentric Orbits 3 (Dimensionfold Publishing, April 11, 2022) "The Goddess of Destruction Stops for Tea" (Fantasy), "Jaguar Queen" (Slipstream), "Living in Rubble" (Science Fiction), "Someone Comes Knocking" (Horror/Dark Fantasy), and "We Who Are About to Die" (Science Fiction)

Enchanted Conversation April Issue "Like Thunder in My Head" (Fairy Tale)

Eternal Haunted Summer Summer Solstice "Ma'at's Precipice" (Poem). (Mythology)

Eternal Haunted Summer Winter Solstice "Hecate's Domain" (Poem). (Mythology)

Eye to the Telescope Issue 45 "As If" (Science Fiction)

Felis Futura (Manawaker Studios) "That Thing We Lost" (Science Fiction)

The First Line Spring 2022 "Reflecting the World" (Fantasy)

Holiday Leftovers (B Cubed Press) (Poems) "Haunted" (Fantasy) and "Tourists" (Science Fiction)

The HWA Poetry Showcase IX (The Horror Writers Association) "Enrichment Items" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Musings of the Muses (Brigids Gate Press) "Echo's Lament" (Mythology)

Neosapiens: Best of NewMyths Anthology Volume III (New Myths Publishing) "Tackless" (Science Fiction)

Penumbric Volume VI, Issue 3 "Vigil" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Pyre Spring/Summer 2022 Issue "Medusa Ups Her Game" (Mythology)

The 2022 Rhysling Anthology (Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association) “The Corvid-Human Alliance” (Horror/Dark Fantasy), “Tributes” (Science Fiction), and “What of Me, Goose Girl? (Or Hard Questions from The Horse Still on the Wall)” (Fairy Tales)

Songs of Eretz Winter 2021/2022 Issue "A Piece of Home" (Fantasy)

Speculatief "Why Not?" ("Waarom niet?") Issue 1.1 [Foreign language sale: Dutch] (Fantasy)

Star*Line Issue 45.4 "False Advertising" (Horror/Dark Fantasy), "A Key for Every Lock" (Slipstream), and "Not Worth the Price" (Fantasy)

Star*Line Issue 45.3 - "Pas de Trois" (Slipstream) and "Rhonda" (Science Fiction)

Star*Line Issue 45.2 "Caught You" (Horror/Dark Fantasy),"Fretful Satellite" (Science Fiction), and "Sensitivity to Light" (Science Fiction)

Star*Line Issue 45.1 "The Stars Sleep Untroubled: A Villanelle Lullaby"(Slipstream) and "When Aliens Landed on the Beach” (Science Fiction)

Strange Horizons 7 March 2022 Issue "Final Resting Place" (Fantasy)

Wayward & Upward "Waywardly Mobile" (Mainstream/Literary)


And the Dead Shall Sleep No More "Sleep, Sleep, Little One" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Best of Penumbric Speculative Fiction Mag, vol iv: June 2k20 to April 2k21 (Penumbric) "The Hit" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Cauldron Anthology - Issue 13 - "The Girl in the Moonlight" (Fantasy)

Childhood Vol. 1 USA (The Poet) "The Pretty Way" and "What Did I Tell You?"(Mainstream/Literary)

The Crypt "Housemates" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Daikaijuzine Release 005 "Terroir" (Horror) and "Things Only Cats Can See" (Fantasy)

Departure Mirror Issue 2 "Fetch" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Dreams & Nightmares - Issue 119 - "What of Me, Goose Girl? (Or Hard Questions from the Horse Still on the Wall)" (Fairy Tale)

Dreams & Nightmares - Issue 118 - "Blood of My Blood" and "Isolation Ward" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Dreams & Nightmares - Issue 117 - "Aurora Violatio" (Fairy Tale)

Enchanted Conversation - October - "Rue and Ashes" (Fairy Tale)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Winter - "The Mercy of Compromise" (Mythology)

Eye to the Telescope - Issue 42 - "The Cove" (Science Fiction)

Faith "Snow Lion (For Tibet)" and "Unrestful (Atama Daibutsu: Hill of the Buddha)" (Mainstream/Literary)

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly - Issue 49 - "Recompense" (Fantasy)

Kaleidoscope - Issue 83 - "Done" and "Safe Travels" (Mainstream/Literary)

Liquid Imagination "The Corvid-Human Alliance" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

The Lost Librarian's Grave "Nature vs Nurture" and "The Maze of Moonlight and Mirrors" (Science Fiction) and (Fantasy)

Penumbric - Vol V, Issue 4 - "Slither" (Slipstream)

Penumbric - Vol V, Issue 2 - "Amateurs" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Penumbric Vol IV, Issue 5 "The Hit" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Polu Texni - June - "Tributes" (Science Fiction)

The 2021 Rhysling Anthology "Invisible Ink" (Science Fiction)

Sanitarium - Issue 4 - "Where the Light Ends" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas "Guardians of Mundo Maya" (Fantasy)

Songs of Eretz - Summer - "Loving, Leaving" (Mainstream/Literary)

Star*Line - Issue 44.4 - "India Lima Yankee" and "Where and When" (Science Fiction)

Star*Line - Issue 44.3 - ""Horses of Fire, Horses of Ice" (Fantasy)

Star*Line - Issue 44.1 - "Blood Lust" (Horror/Dark Fantasy) and "Chaos Looming" (Fantasy)

Strange Horizons March 8th Issue "Locally Sourced" (Science Fiction)

Sylvia - June - "Finding Peace" (Mainstream/Literary)

Twenty-two Twenty-eight "Catsplay," "The Neighborhood at Night," "Put Your Mind to It," and "Terraforming" (Mainstream/Literary)

Utopia SF "We Fly" (Science Fiction)


Breath & Shadow Summer "Freedom" (Slipstream) and "Striding" (Slipstream)

Burning Love & Bleeding Hearts (Things in the Well) "Dark Wings" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

CHRISTMAS: A collection of poetry about Christmas, from poets around the world (The Poet) "Dressed in Holiday Style" and "The First Christmas After" (Poems) (Mainstream/Literary)

Circe's Cauldron: Pagan Poems and Tales of Magic and Witchcraft (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Hecate's Domain" (Mythology), "The Resting Place" (Fantasy), "Selene" (Fantasy), and "The Girl in the Moonlight" (Fantasy) also fiction

Community of Magic Pens (Atthis Arts) "Invisible Ink" (Science Fiction) Nominated for Rhysling Award

Dreams & Nightmares Issue 115 "Spiral" (Science Fiction)

Dreams & Nightmares Issue 116 "Look Right" (Slipstream) Nominated for Pushcart Prize

Erato: Flash Fiction (New Smut Project) "Anything for the Mission" (Science Fiction)

Eternal Haunted Summer Summer "Holidays" "Marzanna" (Mythology)

Eye to the Telescope Issue 36 "House and Home" "Bone China" (Fantasy)

Frozen Wavelets February "Greetings from Earth" (Science Fiction)

The Future Fire Issue 52 "Spare the Fire, Spoil the Brute" (Fantasy)

The Future Fire Issue 55 "Neith and Her Women" (Mythology)

HWA Poetry Showcase VII (Horror Writers Association) "When First You Wooed Me" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Mirror Dance Spring "Death By Breaths" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Neo-Opsis Issue 31 "Heart of a Champion" (Science Fiction) Issue 50 "Living Things" (Science Fiction)

Not One of Us Issue 64B "Excess Baggage" (Science Fiction)

The 2020 Rhysling Anthology: The Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Poetry of 2019 (Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association) "Objects of Desire" (Fantasy), "Keep My Course True" (Science Fiction) and "Why Not?" (Fantasy)

Songs of Eretz Love Issue "The Choices Between Lives" (Slipstream)

Songs of Eretz Fantasy/Fairy Tale Issue "Elemental Uselessness" (Fantasy) and "Going Under" (Fairy Tale)

Songs of Eretz Spring Issue "Homing" (Mainstream/Literary)

Star*Line Issue 43.1 "The Marriage of Light and Distraction" (Science Fiction)

Star*Line Issue 43.3 "What If It Hurts?" (Dark Fantasy/Horror)


Dreams & Nightmares Issue 112 "Keep My Course True" (Science Fiction) Nominated for Rhysling Award

Dreams & Nightmares Issue 113 "Objects of Desire" (Fantasy) Nominated for Rhysling Award

Eternal Haunted Summer Winter "The Americas" "Haunted" (Fantasy)

Eye to the Telescope Issue 34 "Tricksters" "To Love a Trickster" (Mythology)

Eye to the Telescope Issue 31 ("Crossroads" "Kannon" (Fantasy)

The Hamthology: Ham Sandwich Literature (tdotSpec) "Ham: The Lunchmeat of Our Lives" (Mainstream/Literary)

HWA Poetry Showcase VI (Horror Writers Association) "Terroir" (Horror/Dark Fantasy) Issue 49 "Why Not?" (Fantasy) Nominated for Rhysling Award

Polu Texni "Oh, I Have Words (Said the Paper Ballerina)" (Fairy Tale)

Sea Glass Hearts (Stormy Island Publishing) "Never-Ending Fourth" (Mainstream/Literary) and "True Love" (Mainstream/Literary)

Songs of Eretz Halloween/Horror Issue "All Mine" (Fantasy)

Star*Line Issue 42.3 "Eat" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Star*Line Issue 42.4 "A One-Captain Ship" (Science Fiction)

Trouble Among the Stars Issue 4 "Annihilation-Love" (Science Fiction)


At the Gates of Dawn and Dusk: A Devotional for Aurora, Eos, and the Hesperides (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Bloody Sunset" (Mythology)

Darkling's Beasts and Brews: Poetry with a Drink on the Side (Lycan Valley Press) "Death by Breaths" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

The Diviner's Handbook: Writings on Ancient and Modern Divination Practices (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Scorpio Squared" (New Age) "The Cards" (New Age) and "The Hermit" (New Age)

Enchanted Conversation February "Love" "Love Is Not Sweet" (Fairy Tale Adjacent)

Eternal Haunted Summer Summer "Two Long Tails" (Fantasy)

Eye to the Telescope Issue 29 "The Dark" "Gravid" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Star*Line Issue 41.4 "How Do They Do That?" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Untimely Frost - Poetry Unthawed (Lycan Valley Press) "I Knew" (Slipstream)


Blood and Roses: A Devotional for Aphrodite and Venus (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Aphrodite from the Depths" (Mythology) and fiction

Breaking Sad: What to Say After Loss, What Not to Say, and When to Just Show Up (She Writes Press) "My Darling Companion" (Mainstream/Literary)

Dauntless: A Devotional for Ares and Mars (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "A Brotherly Talk" (Mythology) and "Glory" (Mythology)

Eternal Haunted Summer Summer "Pomegranates and Ashes" (Mythology)

First and Last: A Devotional for Hestia (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Forever My Own" (Fantasy) and "The Hearth as Witness" (Fantasy)


Enchanted Conversation July "Midsummer" "The Scattering and the Gathering" (Fairy Tale)

Enchanted Conversation October "Ghosts" (Poem) "Those Who Came Before" (Fairy Tale)

Eternal Haunted Summer Spring "Narasimha, Fourth Incarnation of Vishnu" (Fantasy) and "Souvenirs from Above" (Mythology)

Garland of the Goddess: Tales and Poems of the Feminine Divine as Editor (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) and as contributor "Star Mother" (Fantasy) "Bodhisattva" (Fantasy), "The Villainess of Olympus" (Mythology) and fiction

Les Cabinets des Polytheistes: An Anthology of Pagan Fairy Tales, Fables, and Nursery Rhymes (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Red is for Ritual" (Fairy Tale) and "Split Ends" (Fairy Tale) and fiction

Lunessence: A Devotional for Selene (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "The Girl in the Moonlight" (Fantasy) and "Selene" (Fantasy)


Eternal Haunted Summer Winter "Hecate's Domain" (Mythology)

The Queen of the Sky Who Rules Over All the Gods: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Bast ) (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "On Silken Feet, Through Reeds and Water" (Mythology) and fiction

Star*Line Issue 38.1 "The Months After the End" (Science Fiction)


By Bone, Blood, and Blade: A Tribute to The Morrigan (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "The Blood Crow" (Mythology)

Dark Heart Volume Two: Mirrors and Tears (Little Bird Publishing House) "Pale Reflection" (Fairy Tale)

Eye to the Telescope Issue 14 "Ekphrastic Speculative Poetry" "Razors Are Not Always Metal" (Science Fiction)

Spellbound Summer "Qalupalik" (Fantasy)


Entrances and Exits (PegLeg Publishing) "The Train as Destination" (Mainstream/Literary), "Rollercoaster" (Mainstream/Literary), and "All Alone in God's House" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Eternal Haunted Summer Autumn "Selene" (Fantasy) and "The Girl in the Moonlight" (Fantasy)


Enchanted Conversation Volume 2, Issue 1 "Rumpelstiltskin" "The Other End of the Tale" ( (Fairy Tale)

Enchanted Conversation December "Little Red Riding Hood" "Red is for Ritual" (Fairy Tale)


Enchanted Conversation Volume 1, Issue 1 "Sleeping Beauty" theme "Dilemma of the Spindle" (Fairy Tale)

Paper Crow Issue 0 "String Theory" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)


newWitch Magazine Issue 16 "The Hermit" (Fantasy)