The Best Indie Speculative Fiction (Bards and Sages) "In My Image" (Science Fiction)

Breath & Shadow - Summer - (Poems) "Freedom" (Slipstream) and "Striding" (Slipstream)

Burning Love & Bleeding Hearts (Things in the Well) (Poem) "Dark Wings" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

CatsCast (April Fool's podcast appearing on all four of Escape Artist's podcasts) - Episode 289 - (Podcast) "The Thing in the Basement" - (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

CHRISTMAS: A collection of poetry about Christmas, from poets around the world (The Poet) (Poems) "Dressed in Holiday Style" and "The First Christmas After" (Mainstream/Literary)

Circe's Cauldron: Pagan Poems and Tales of Magic and Witchcraft (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Full Moon Over the Crossroads" (Mythology) and poems "Hecate's Domain" (Mythology), "The Resting Place" (Fantasy), "Selene" (Fantasy), and "The Girl in the Moonlight" (Fantasy)

Community of Magic Pens (Atthis Arts) (Poem) "Invisible Ink" (Science Fiction)

Deep Magic - Summer - "One Way" (Science Fiction)

A Dragon and Her Girl (LTUE Benefit Anthologies Book 2) (Hemelein Publications) "Here by Choice" (Fantasy)

Dreams & Nightmares - Issue 115 - (Poem) "Spiral" (Science Fiction)

Dreams & Nightmares - Issue 116 - (Poem) "Look Right" (Slipstream)

Eighteen: Stories of Mischief & Mayhem (Underland Press) "She" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Galaxy's Edge - Issue 43 - "Life Is Too Short to Drink Bad Wine" (Science Fiction Adjacent)

Erato: Flash Fiction (New Smut Project) (Prose Poem) "Anything for the Mission" (Science Fiction)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Summer - (Poem) "Marzanna" (Mythology)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Winter - "Red Seeds That Destroy a Mother" (Mythology)

Eye to the Telescope - Issue 36 - (Poem) "Bone China" (Fantasy)

Flash Fiction Podcast - Episode 506 - (Podcast) "Broken" (Fairy Tale)

Frozen Wavelets - February - (Poem) "Welcome to Earth" (Science Fiction)

Frozen Wavelets - Issue 5 - "Tearing the Hood" (Fairy Tale)

The Future Fire - Issue 52 - (Poem) "Spare the Fire, Spoil the Brute" (Fantasy)

The Future Fire - Issue 55 - (Poem) "Neith and Her Women" (Mythology)

Future Syndicate II (Nomadic Delirium Press) "Who's in Charge Here?" (Science Fiction)

HWA Poetry Showcase VII (Horror Writers Associaton) (Poem) "When First You Wooed Me" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Infected 2 (Things in the Well) "Life Without Crows" (Science Fiction)

Mirror Dance - Spring - (Poem) "Death By Breaths" (Horror/Dark Fantasy) Neo-Opsis - Issue 31 - (Poem) "Heart of a Champion" (Science Fiction) - Issue 50 - (Poem) "Living Things" (Science Fiction)

Not One of Us - Issue 64B - (Poem) "Excess Baggage" (Science Fiction)

The Phantom Games: Dimensions Unknown 2020 (Excalibur Books) "Fox Fire" (Fantasy)

The 2020 Rhysling Anthology: The Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Poetry of 2019 (Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association) (Poems) "Objects of Desire" (Fantasy), "Keep My Course True" (Science Fiction) and "Why Not?" (Fantasy)

Selections of Anthropomorphic Regalements: Volume 1 (Goal Publications) "The Turn of the Year" (Fairy Tale)

Songs of Eretz - Love Issue - (Poem) "The Choices Between Lives" (Slipstream)

Songs of Eretz - Fantasy/Fairy Tale Issue - (Poems) "Elemental Uselessness" (Fantasy) and "Going Under" (Fairy Tale)

Songs of Eretz - Spring Issue - (Poem) "Homing" (Mainstream/Literary)

Star*Line - Issue 43.1 - (Poem) "The Marriage of Light and Distraction" (Science Fiction)

Star*Line - Issue 43.3 - (Poem) "What If It Hurts?" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Swords & Sorceries: Tales of Heroic Fantasy: Volume 1 (Parallel Universe Publications) "Disruption of Destiny" (Fantasy)

Under the Cape: An Anthology of Superhero Romance (Riverdale Avenue Books) as Kim Strattford "Flying Fast, Falling Hard" (Romance)


All Worlds Wayfarer - Issue 1 - "Three Hundred and Forty Nine" (Science Fiction)

Dreams & Nightmares - Issue 112 - (Poem) "Keep My Course True" (Science Fiction) Rhysling Nominated

Dreams & Nightmares - Issue 113 - (Poem) "Objects of Desire" (Fantasy) Rhysling Nominated

Enchanted Conversation - October - "Twins" (Fairy Tale)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Winter - (Poem) "Haunted" (Fantasy)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Summer - "If You Were" (Slipstream)

Eye to the Telescope - Issue 34 - (Poem) "To Love a Trickster" (Mythology)

Fantastic Stories Presents: The Vampire Super Pack (Positronic Publishing) "Sense of Blood" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Fated: A Romantic Fantasy Anthology (Stormy Island Publishing) as Kim Strattford "Georgia on My Mind" (Romance)

The Hamthology: Ham Sandwich Literature (tdotSpec) (Poem) "Ham: The Lunchmeat of our Lives" (Mainstream/Literary)

HWA Poetry Showcase VI (Horror Writers Association) (Poem) "Terroir" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Lost and Found: Tales of Things Gone Missing (Wagonbridge Publishing) "The Distance Between Things" (Mainstream/Literary) - Issue 49 - (Poem) "Why Not?" (Fantasy) Rhysling Nominated

Polu Texni - September - (Poem) "Oh, I Have Words (Said the Paper Ballerina)" (Fairy Tale)

Sea Glass Hearts (Stormy Island Publishing) (Poems) "Never-Ending Fourth" (Mainstream/Literary) and "True Love" (Mainstream/Literary)

Sins and Other Worlds (Amazon Digital Publishing) "Floating in My Tin Can" (Science Fiction)

Songs of Eretz - Halloween/Horror Issue - (Poem) "All Mine" (Fantasy)

Star*Line - Issue 42.3 - (Poem) "Eat" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Star*Line - Issue 42.4 - (Poem) "A One-Captain Ship" (Science Fiction)

StarShipSofa - Number 585 - (Podcast) "What the Rain Brings" (Science Fiction/Horror)

Tell-Tale Press (Out of Print) - "Life in Shades of Blue" (Horror)

Tell-Tale Press (Out of Print) - "A Murder and Crows" (Mystery/Crime)

Trouble Among the Stars - Issue 4 - (Poem) "Annihilation-Love" (Science Fiction)

The Twofer Compendium (Celestial Echo Press) "In My Image" (Science Fiction)

Vampires, Zombies, and Ghosts Volume 2 (Smoking Pen Press) "Run for the Roses" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)


At the Gates of Dawn and Dusk: A Devotional for Aurora, Eos, and the Hesperides (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) (Poem) "Bloody Sunset" (Mythology)

Beneath Yggdrasil's Shadow: Forgotten Goddesses of Norse Mythology (Fantasia Divinity) "To Love Loki" (Mythology)

Cast of Wonders - Episode 305 - (Podcast) "All Systems Go" (Science Fiction)

Cast of Wonders - Episode 336 - (Podcast) "The Night Before Never" (Fantasy)

Darkling's Beasts and Brews: Poetry with a Drink on the Side (Lycan Valley Press) (Poem) "Death by Breaths" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

The Diviner's Handbook: Writings on Ancient and Modern Divination Practices (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) (Poems) "Scorpio Squared" (New Age), "The Cards" (New Age) and "The Hermit" (New Age)

Enchanted Conversation - October - "Twins" (Fairy Tale)

Escape Pod - Episodes 632 & 633 - (Podcast) "Lucky Shot" (Science Fiction)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Summer - (Poem) "Two Long Tails" (Fantasy)

Eye to the Telescope - Issue 29 - (Poem) "Gravid" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Eye to the Telescope - Issue 31 -(Poem) "Kannon" (Mythology)

Fantasy for the Throne (Fantastic Books) "A Happy Coincidence" (Fantasy)

Galaxy's Edge - Issue 33 - "On Four Feet Instead of Two" (Fantasy)

The Heart of a Devil: A Horror Villains Anthology (Fantasia Divinity) "Eden's Spawn" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Heinous Concoction (Horror Series Book 4) (Digital Fiction Publishing) "Dreams of Love and Darkness" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

I Will Fight for You (Fantasia Divinity) "Imperfect Relations" (Fantasy)

Issues of Tomorrow: A Science Fiction Anthology (Indie Authors Press) "Moments in Time" (Science Fiction)

Knee-Deep in Grit: Two Bloody Years of Grimdark Fiction (Grimdark Magazine) "The Woman I Used to Be" (Science Fiction)

The Martian - September - "Spaceport News Headlines" (Drabble) (Science Fiction)

One Sweet Morning (Roane Publishing) as Kim Strattford "Sparkage" (Romance)

The Overcast - Episode 93 - (Podcast)) "Market Value" (Fairy Tale)

Star*Line - Issue 41.4 - (Poem) "How Do They Do That?" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

StarShipSofa - Number 569 - (Podcast) "Paying Old Debts" (Science Fiction)

Tales to Terrify - Number 347 - (Podcast) "She" (Horror)

Tales to Terrify - Number 360 - (Podcast) "Salt the Earth" (Horror)

Untimely Frost - Poetry Unthawed (Lycan Valley Press) (Poem) "I Knew" (Slipstream)

Zooscape - Issue 1 - "The Turn of the Year" (Fairy Tale)


Black Ice Magazine - March - "Secret Agent Man" (Science Fiction)

Blood and Roses: A Devotional for Aphrodite and Venus (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Love's Sting" (Mythology) "Deathwatch" (Fantasy) and "Aphrodite from the Depths" (Mythology)

Breaking Sad: What to Say After Loss, What Not to Say, and When to Just Show Up (She Writes Press) (Poem) "My Darling Companion" (Mainstream/Literary)

Celestial Beans: Digital Science Fiction Anthology (Digital Science Fiction Short Stories Series Three) (Digital Fiction Publishing) "The Hunt" (Science Fiction)

Dauntless: A Devotional for Ares and Mars (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) (Poems) "A Brotherly Talk" (Mythology) and "Glory" (Mythology)

Enchanted Conversation - April - "Market Value" (Fairy Tale)

Enchanted Conversation - August - "My Husband, The Emperor" (Fairy Tale)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Summer - (Poem) "Pomegranates and Ashes" (Mythology)

Fantasia Divinity Magazine - Issue 14 - "Good Intentions" (Fantasy)

First and Last: A Devotional for Hestia (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Forever My Own" (Fantasy) and "The Hearth as Witness" (Fantasy)

Gamut Online - December - "Paying Old Debts" (Science Fiction)

Killing It Softly 2: A Digital Horror Fiction Anthology of Short Stories (The Best by Women in Horror) (Digital Fiction Publishing) "The Hand of God" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Literal Illusion: Digital Fantasy Fiction Anthology (Digital Fiction) - "Found Things" (Fantasy)

Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show - Issue 57 - "The Thing in the Basement" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Quickfic (Digital Fiction Publishing) - January - "Failure to Communicate" (Science Fiction)

StarShipSofa - Number 495 - (Podcast) "The Woman I Used to Be" (Science Fiction)

Waiting for a Kiss: A Princess Fairy Tale Anthology (Fantasia Divinity) as Kim Strattford "Kissing Toads" (Romance)

Wild Musette Journal of Music, Mystery, and Myth - Issue 1701 - "Not Right" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)


Allusions of Innocence (Re-released by Patchwork Raven) "Step Right Up" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Coming Around Again: A CASFWG Anthology (Central Arkansas Speculative Fiction Writers' Group) "The Night Before Never" (Fantasy)

Dark Little Dreams (Bad Dream Entertainment) "Where the Sheep Have Fangs When You Count Them" (Fantasy)

The Dark Ones: Tales and Poems of the Shadow Gods as Editor (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) also as contributor "Good Intentions" (Fantasy) and "Love, War, and Transformation" (Mythology)

Dystopia Utopia (Flame Tree Publishing) "The Woman I Used to Be" (Science Fiction)

EGM Shorts - January - "Broken" (Fairy Tale)

EGM Shorts - February - "One Hundred Years" (Fairy Tale)

Enchanted Conversation - February - "I Give You My Heart" (Fairy Tale)

Enchanted Conversation - July - (Poem) "The Scattering and the Gathering" (Fairy Tale)

Enchanted Conversation - October - (Poem) Those Who Came Before" (Fairy Tale)

Enchanted Conversation - December - "The Turn of the Year" (Fairy Tale)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Spring - (Poems) "Narasimha, Fourth Incarnation of Vishnu" (Fantasy) and "Souvenirs from Above" (Mythology)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Winter - "Sepulchre for the Stolen" (Mythology)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Summer - "Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice -- How Did They Do?" (Essay)

Fantastic Stories Presents: The Dragon Super Pack (Positronic Publishing) "Here by Choice" (Fantasy)

Garland of the Goddess: Tales and Poems of the Feminine Divine as Editor (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) also as contributor "Dancing with Shiva" (Fantasy) and (Poems) "Star Mother" (Fantasy), "Bodhisattva" (Fantasy) and "The Villainess of Olympus" (Mythology)

Far-Fetched Fables - Number 131 - (Podcast) "The Last Song" (Fantasy)

Far-Fetched Fables - Number 134 - (Podcast) "Whither Thou Goest" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Grievous Angel - December - "The Longest Night" (Fantasy)

Helios Quarterly - Volume 1, Number 1 - "Drum Solo" (Science Fiction)

Killing It Softly: A Digital Horror Fiction Anthology of Short Stories (The Best by Women in Horror) (Digital Fiction Publishing) "What the Rain Brings" (Science Fiction/Horror)

Les Cabinets des Polytheistes: An Anthology of Pagan Fairy Tales, Fables, and Nursery Rhymes (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Blood-Red Leaves on a Moonlit Night" and (Poems) "Red is for Ritual" (Fairy Tale), and "Split Ends" (Fairy Tale) (Fairy Tale)

Lunessence: A Devotional for Selene (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) (Poems) "The Girl in the Moonlight" (Fantasy) and "Selene" (Fantasy)

Murder Mayhem (Flame Tree Publishing) "Shared Losses" (Crime/Mystery)

Nature Magazine - August - "Floating In My Tin Can" (Science Fiction)

The One Who Got Away (Cleis Press) as Kim Strattford "College Days" (Romance)

Phantaxis - November - "A Happy Coincidence" (Fantasy)

Spirit's Tincture - November - "The Thunder and the Blood" (Science Fiction)

Tomato Slices (Amoeba Ink Co.) "Spaghetti the Wrong Way" (Essay/Recipe)

Unoriginal Magazine - Issue 3 - "Cinema Verite" (Science Fiction)

Triangulation: Beneath the Surface (Parsec Ink) "Tearing the Hood" (Fairy Tale)

Unsung Stories - September 2, 2016 - "The Musings of a Misunderstood Scientific Prodigy, Miss Leila Johanson, 1889-1890" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)


Ain't Superstitious (Third Flatiron Publishing) "Spellcasting" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Allusions of Innocence (Solarwyrm Press) "Step Right Up" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Anthology I: A Collection of 8 Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories (The Novel Fox) "Paying Old Debts" (Science Fiction)

Athena's Daughters 2 (Silence in the Library) "Destiny's Bitch" (Fantasy)

Cheapjack Pulp - December - "Who's in Charge Here?" (Science Fiction/Science Fantasy)

Daily Science Fiction - 22 June 2015 - "Hellhound, Free to Good Home" (Fantasy)

Dragon's Hoard (Sky Warrior Book Publishing) "Here by Choice" (Mythology)

EGM Shorts - June - "Good Intentions" (Fantasy)

EGM Shorts - October - "Opposites and All That" (Fantasy)

Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things - Volume 1, Issue 1 - "They Just Don't Mix" (Fantasy)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Winter - (Poem) "Hecate's Domain" (Mythology)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Spring - "Sisters Under the Skin" (Slipstream)

Far-Fetched Fables - Number 67 - (Podcast) "One Hundred Years" (Fairy Tale)

Forging Freedom II (Freedom Forge Press) "Tall Grass" (Fantasy)

Heater - Volume 3, Number 1 - "The Same Old View" (Crime/Mystery)

Hysterical Realms: Alternate Hilarities 3 (Strange Musings Press) "Failure to Communicate" (Science Fiction)

"Mind Games" (Self Published ) (Science Fiction/Romance)

No Horns on These Helmets (Sky Warrior Book Publishing) "To Love Loki" (Mythology)

Puppy Love 2015 (Zimbell House Publishing) "Guardian Angel" (Mainstream/Literary)

The Queen of the Sky Who Rules Over All the Gods: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Bast (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Seeker of the Dead" (Fantasy) and (Poem) "On Silken Feet, Through Reeds and Water" (Mythology)

A Quiet Shelter There as Editor (Hadley Rille Books)

Robotica: The Real Relationships of Artificial Life Forms (Pop Seagull Publishing) as Kim Strattford "Keeping It Real" (Romance)

Romance Magazine - as Kim Strattford - March - "The Times in Between" (Romance)

Ruins Excavation (Hadley Rille Books) "The Red Queen" (Mainstream/Literary)

SF Reader - July - "And Then She Walked In" (Science Fiction)

A Shadow of Autumn (Gwendolyn Kiste/CreateSpace) "Salt the Earth" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

The Sirens Call - February -"Lost" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Spacesuits and Sixguns - Volume 2, Issue 1 - "All Systems Go" (Science Fiction)

Star*Line - Issue 38.1 - (Poem) "The Months After the End" (Science Fiction)

Strange Changes (Whortleberry Press) "Bluegrass Dreams Aren't for Free" (Fantasy)

Summer's Sweet Embrace (Roane Publishing) as Kim Strattford "When the Sea Swallows the Sun" (Romance)

Way Out West (Big Pulp Publications) "Panning in Thin Air" (Fantasy)


713 Flash Fiction Contest - February- "One Hundred Years" (Fairy Tale)

Ares Magazine - Issue 1 - "Disruption of Destiny" (Fantasy)

Black Chaos (Big Pulp Publications) "Run for the Roses" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

By Bone, Blood, and Blade: A Tribute to The Morrigan (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) (Poem) "The Blood Crow" (Mythology)

Dark Fairy Tales Revisited II (Horrified Press) "Today's Top Stories" (Nursery Rhymes)

Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails (Dragon's Roost Press) "The Murder in the Steel Skeletons" (Science Fiction)

Dark Heart Volume Two: Mirrors and Tears (Little Bird Publishing House) (Poem) "Pale Reflection" (Fairy Tale)

Escape Pod - Episode 434 - (Podcast) "Coping Mechanisms" (Science Fiction)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Spring - "Fire Goes Where It Will" (Mythology)

Eye to the Telescope - Issue 14 - (Poem) "Razors Are Not Always Metal" (Science Fiction)

Falling Star Magazine - Summer - "Johnny Long Shot" (Science Fiction)

Fantastic Stories Presents: Science Fiction Super Pack #1 (Positronic Publishing) "Lies, Truth, and the Color of Faith" (Science Fiction)

Grimdark Magazine - Issue 1 - "The Woman I Used to Be" (Science Fiction)

Potnia: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Demeter (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Letting Go" (Mythology)

Powerless Against You: A Romantic Superhero Anthology (Good Mourning Publishing) as Kim Strattford "Flying Fast, Falling Hard" (Romance)

Romantic Ruckus (Strange Musings Press) "If At First You Don't Succeed" (Fairy Tale) and "That Girl with the Wicked Long Hair" (Fairy Tale)

The Sirens Call - February - "Shadows in the Rain" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Songs of the Great Cycle (Long Count Press) "Defying the Conquerors" (Fantasy)

Thirst (Big Pulp) - Issue 1 - "The Dance of Love" (Romantic Mainstream/Literary)

Twisted Boulevard (Elektrik Milk Bath Press) "Handle with Care" (Fantasy)

Wicked Words Quarterly - Issue 3 - "Fox Fire" (Fantasy)


Aurora Wolf - Volume 4, Issue 4 - "Man's Best Friend" (Science Fiction)

Beyond the Pillars: An Anthology of Pagan Fantasy (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "The Drum of the Sea" (Fantasy)

Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "All the Colors of the Rainbow" (Fantasy)

Encounters Magazine - Issue 7 - "Imperfect Relations" (Fantasy)

Entrances and Exits (PegLeg Publishing) (Poems) "The Train as Destination" (Mainstream/Literary), "Rollercoaster" (Mainstream/Literary) and "All Alone in God's House" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Autumn - (Poems) "Selene" (Fantasy) and "The Girl in the Moonlight" (Fantasy)

GlassFire Magazine - Fall - "Whither Thou Goest" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

A Mantle of Stars: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of the Queen of Heaven (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Here by Choice" (Fantasy)

Queen of Olympos: A Devotional Anthology for Hera and Iuno (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Selective Memory" (Mythology)

Spellbound - Summer - (Poem) "Qalupalik" (Fantasy)

Spinetinglers - Nov/Dec Contest (Second Place) - "Salt the Earth" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)


Big Pulp - December - "Failure to Communicate" (Science Fiction)

Queen of the Sacred Way: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Persephone (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "All for the Taste of a Pomegranate" (Mythology)

A Rustle of Dark Leaves: Tales from the Shadows of the Forest (Misanthrope Press) "What the Rain Brings" (Science Fiction/Horror)

The Shining Cities: An Anthology of Pagan Science Fiction (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Lies, Truth, and the Color of Faith" (Science Fiction)

Tales of Old Podcast - Episode 46 "The Drum of the Sea" (Fantasy)

Zombies for the Cure (Elektrik Milk Bath Press) "Run for the Roses" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)


10Flash - January - "The Night Before Never" (Fantasy)

10Flash - July - "Tallgrass" (Fantasy)

The Colored Lens - Autumn - "Cinema Verite" (Science Fiction)

Daily Flash 2012: 366 Days of Flash Fiction (Pill Hill Press) "Misery" (Horror/Dark Fantasy), "Random Nostalgia" (Mainstream/Literary), "Desert Pool" (Mainstream/Literary), and "Anonymous Arms" (Mainstream/Literary)

EMG-Zine - October - "To Love Loki" (Mythology)

Enchanted Conversation - Volume 2, Issue 1 - (Poem) "The Other End of the Tale" (Fairy Tale)

Enchanted Conversation December - (Poem) "Red is for Ritual" (Fairy Tale)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Autumn - "Dancing with Shiva" (Mythology)

In the Garden of the Crow (Elektrik Milk Bath Press) (Poems) "Trading Up," "Sauce for the Gander," "Scratching Post," and "Reflecting" (Fairy Tale)

The Lorelei Signal - January-March - "Step Right Up" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Mon Coeur Mort: My Dead Heart (Post Mortem Press) "Shared Losses" (Crime/Mystery)

Ray Gun Revival - February - "Proving Ground" (Science Fiction)

Schlock Magazine - The Gothic Issue - "The House on the Cliff" (Gothic Paranormal Romance)

The Scribing Ibis: An Anthology of Pagan Fiction in Honor of Thoth (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) "Like Herding Cats" (Fantasy)

Spirit Legends: Of Ghosts and Gods (RuneWright) "Shadow of a Black Cat" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

WTF?! (Pink Narcissus Press) "Slouching Toward Cedarville" (Science Fiction)

Witches and Pagans - Issue 23 - "Lies, Truth, and the Color of Faith" (Science Fiction)


10Flash - October - "Good Intentions" (Fantasy);

10Flash - April - "Salt the Earth" (Horror/Dark Fantasy);

10Flash - July - "Shadows in the Rain" (Horror/Dark Fantasy);

All About Eve (WolfSinger Publications) "Mother of Demons" (Fantasy)

Arct Magazine - Issue 1 - "Who's in Charge Here?" (Science Fiction)

Dark Valentine - Autumn - "The Town After Dark" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Dia de los Muertos (Elektrik Milk Bath Press) "The Effect of Place on Love and Death" (Slipstream)

The Drabbler - Issue 17 - "Conspiracy Theory" (Drabble) (Sciene Fiction)

Enchanted Conversation - Volume 1, Issue 4 - "Broken" (Fairy Tale)

Enchanted Conversation - Volume 1, Issue 3 - "Torn" (Fairy Tale)

Fem-Fangs (Pill Hill Press) "Things Every Girl Should Know Before Turning Undead" (Fantasy)

Life Without Crows Story Collection (Hadley Rille Books)

Renaissance Festival Tales as Co-Editor (Hadley Rille Books)

She Nailed a Stake Through His Head: Tales of Biblical Terror (Dybbuk Press) "Whither Thou Goest" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Tales of the Heart Volume 1 (Sniplits Publishing) "The Distance Between Things" (Mainstream/Literary)


Bards and Sages Quarterly - October - "Today's Top Stories" (Nursery Rhymes)

Cabinet des Fees Issue 8 - "In the Ashes" (Fairy Tale)

Enchanted Conversation - Volume 1, Issue 1 - (Poem) "Dilemma of the Spindle" (Fairy Tale)

Enchanted Conversation - Volume 1, Issue 2 - "Like Flies on the Wall" (Fairy Tale)

Florilegium (PegLeg Publishing) "Dancing with Shiva" (Mythology)

Footprints (Hadley Rille Books) "The Hunt" (Science Fiction)

The Lorelei Signal - July-September - "Shadow of a Black Cat" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

M-Brane SF - Issue 7 - "The More Things Change" (Science Fiction)

Paper Crow - Issue 0 - (Poem) "String Theory" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Shelter of Daylight - Issue 2 - "Retiring the Cape" (Superhero)

Origins: Tales of Human Evolution (Hadley Rille Books) "Patterns of Fall" (Mainstream/Literary)

Sorcerous Signals - February-April - "Deathwatch" (Fantasy)

Triangulation: Dark Glass (Parsec Ink) "Windows to the Soul" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Uncharted Sky Podcast - "Inspected By" (Science Fiction)


Big Pulp - Fall - "The Circle of Life" (Crime/Mystery)

The Drabbler - Issue 11 - "Company Coming"

The Drabbler - Issue 10 - "Dust to Dust and "Over the Fold" (Drabbles) (Science Fiction)

Electric Spec - Volume 3, Issue 2 - "Grinding to a Halt" (Science Fiction)

Flash Me Magazine - Volume 6, Issue 22 - "Daggers" (Fantasy)

Fusion Fragment - Issue 5 - "Life Without Crows" (Science Fiction)

The Lorelei Signal - January-March - "Life Lesson" (Fantasy)

Mirror Dance - Summer - "Sense of Blood" (Horror/Dark Fantasy) - Issue 2 - "Letting Go" (Mythology)

newWitch Magazine - Issue 16 - (Poem) "The Hermit" (Fantasy)

One Step Beyond (Subatomic Books) "Power Chord" (Fantasy)

Quantum Kiss - February - "Riptide" (Fantasy)

Reflection's Edge - July - "The Last Song" (Fantasy)

Renard's Menagerie - Issue 8 - "Bluegrass Dreams Aren't For Free" (Fantasy)

Return to Luna (Hadley Rille Books) "Coping Mechanisms" (Science Fiction)

Ruins Metropolis (Hadley Rille Books) "Seeker of the Dead" (Fantasy)

Sorcerous Signals - November-January - "Mountain of the Dawn People" (Fantasy)

Staffs & Starships - Volume 1, Issue 2 - "Love's Sting" (Mythology)

Static Movement - September - "Just Another Day at the Mall" (Fantasy)

Sword And Sorceress XXIII (Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Work Trust) "The Vessel" (Fantasy)

This Ain't No Rodeo (WolfSinger Publications) "Country Cousin" (Mainstream/Literary)

Triangulation: Taking Flight (Parsec Ink) "Nothing to Crow About" (Fantasy)

WolfSongs - Volume 1 (WolfSinger Publications) "To Love Loki" (Mythology)

The Written Word - June - "Kids Today" (Science Fiction)


Art&Prose Magazine - October - "Mother of Demons" (Fantasy)

Desolate Places (Hadley Rille Books) "Lucky Shot" (Science Fiction)

Fusion Fragment - Issue 1 - "Inspected By" (Science Fiction)

The First Line - Spring - "Memory Lane" (Mainstream/Literary)

GlassFire Anthology (PegLeg Publishing) "The Hand of God" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

GlassFire Magazine - Volume 2, Issue 2 - "Moments in Time" (Science Fiction)

Mytholog - Volume 5, Number 4 - "All for the Taste of a Pomegranate" (Mythology)

Mytholog - Volume 5, Number 3 - "Selective Memory" (Mythology)

Mytholog - Volume 5, Number 2 - "The Weight of Things Forgotten" (Mythology)

Renard's Menagerie - Issue 6 - "Flesh and the Price of Summer" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Renard's Menagerie - Issue 3 - "Like Herding Cats" (Mythology)

Sails & Sorcery: Nautical Tales of Fantasy (Fantasist Enterprises) "The Drum of the Sea" (Fantasy)

Shred of Evidence - July - "Shared Losses" (Crime/Mystery)

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 10 (Pocket Books) "The Smell of Dead Roses" (Grand Prize Winner) (Science Fiction/Star Trek)


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 9 (Pocket Books) "Living on the Edge of Existence" (Science Fiction/Star Trek)


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds VII (Pocket Books) "Obligations Discharged" (Science Fiction/Star Trek)