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ev0ke"The Spirit is Willing" May Issue. The Sex Magick issue. (Romance/Fantasy)

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Fated (Stormy Island Publishing, 2019) "Georgia on My Mind" (Paranormal/Sensual)

The One Who Got Away (Cleis Press, 2016) "College Days" (Contemporary/Erotic)

Powerless Against You: A Romantic Superhero Anthology (Good Mourning Publishing, 2014) "Flying Fast, Falling Hard" (Superhero/Sweet)

Robotica: The Real Relationships of Artificial Life Forms (Pop Seagull Publishing, 2015) "Keeping It Real" (Science Fiction/Sensual) "Flying Fast, Falling Hard" is part of Riverdale Avenue Books' Under the Cape: An Anthology of Superhero Romance. So happy to see this story get another outing in the world.

Waiting for a Kiss: A Princess Fairy Tale Anthology (Fantasia Divinity, 2017) "Kissing Toads" (Fairy Tale/Sweet)

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Not sure if you're going to like my stuff? Try a free story. Website Exclusive "At His Mercy" Lizabeth's husband was a brute, so the news that he's dead is not necessarily unwelcome. Unfortunately, his killer now controls her lands and life. But...could it be that he's a kind man? Could love be a gentle thing rather than something to be feared? (Historical/Sensual) Website Reprint "The House on the Cliff" I grew up on gothic romances and I love things like Buffy and Harry Potter. It was only natural to schmoosh the two together. This was first published in Schlock Magazine's "Gothic" issue in 2011 as Gerri Leen as a slightly shorter novelette. (Paranormal/Sensual. Website Exclusive - "Right in Front of Me" is a little piece of fluffy flash in time for Thanksgiving It was the inspiration for my longer piece in One Sweet Morning. Those familiar with my fanfic are free to view this as an AU **wink**. (Contemporary/Sweet) Website Reprint - "Sparkage" She's judged every romance by the chemistry she had with a guy who was never more than a friend because he was with someone else. A guy who's now back in town and newly single. But is he really over his ex? This novelette was first published in the now out-of-print One Sweet Morning (Roane Publishing, 2018). (Contemporary/Sweet) Website Reprint "The Times In Between" The life of a navy wife can be a strange one. But they're making it work. Moments at at time. This first appeared in the now defunct Romance Magazine (, 2015). (Contemporary/Sensual) Website Reprint "When the Sea Swallows the Sun" She and her boyfriend booked a trip to Clearwater Beach before they broke up. She decides to use the ticket anyway and finds one of his friends has used his. Why is he here and what does he want? This first appeared in the Summer's Sweet Embrace anthology (Roane Publishing, 2015). (Contemporary/Sweet)

Out of Print/No Longer Available

Romance Magazine - March 2015 - "The Times in Between" (Contemporary/Sensual)

One Sweet Morning (Roane Publishing, 2018) "Sparkage" (Contemporary/Sweet)

Summer's Sweet Embrace (Roane Publishing, 2015) "When the Sea Swallows the Sun" (Contemporary/Sweet)

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