Upcoming Poetry and Fiction

Poetry Acceptances:

"Amateurs" for Penumbric (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

"Aurora Violatio" for Dreams & Nightmares (Fantasy/Fairy Tale)

"Blood Lust" for Star*Line (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

"Blood of My Blood" for Dreams & Nightmares (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

"Chaos Looming" for Star*Line (Fantasy)

"Chester and the Model T" for the Automobilia anthology (Mainstream/Literary)

"Fetch" for Departure Mirror (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

"Heart of a Champion" for Neo-Opsis (Science Fiction)

"The Hit" for Penumbric (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

"Isolation Ward" for Dreams & Nightmares (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

"Look Right" for Dreams & Nightmares (Slipstream)

"Slither" for Penumbric (Slipstream)

"Tributes" for Polu Texni (Science Fiction)

"Turquoise" and "The Hand of Ra" for Lady of the Sycamore: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Hathor (Mythology)

"When First You Wooed Me" for the HWA Poetry Showcase VII (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Fiction Acceptances:

"Contact in 4, 3, 2, 1" for Bikes in Space 8 anthology (Science Fiction)

"Death Rattle" for Nature (Scence Fiction)

"Hellhound, House Broken" for Abyss & Apex (Fantasy)

"In My Image" for The Best Indie Speculative Fiction anthology (Science Fiction)

"The Last Song" for the Backyard Earth anthology (Fantasy)

"Scavenger Hunt" for Ember (Science Fiction)

"A Statement Bag" for Dress You Up: A Capsule Collection of Fashionable Fiction for the Stylish Reader (Mainstream/Literary)

"Tearing the Hood" for Frozen Wavelets (Fairy Tale)

"The Weight of Things Forgotten" for Adamantine Sickle: A Devotional for the Titans (Mythology)