Upcoming Poetry and Fiction

Poetry Acceptances:

"Anything for the Mission" for Erato: Flash Fiction anthology (Science Fiction)

"Aurora Violatio" for Dreams & Nightmares (Fantasy/Fairy Tale)

"Blood of My Blood" for Dreams & Nightmares (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

"Chaos Looming" for Star*Line (Fantasy)

"Chester and the Model T" for the Automobilia anthology (Mainstream/Literary)

"Excess Baggage" for Not One of Us (Science Fiction)

"Heart of a Champion" for Neo-Opsis (Science Fiction)

"Look Right" for Dreams & Nightmares (Slipstream)

"Neith and Her Women" for The Future Fire (Mythology)

"Tributes" for Polu Texni (Science Fiction)

"Turquoise" and "The Hand of Ra" for Lady of the Sycamore: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Hathor (Mythology)

"When First You Wooed Me" for the HWA Poetry Showcase VII (Horror)

Fiction Acceptances:

"Contact in 4, 3, 2, 1" for Bikes in Space 8 anthology (Science Fiction)

"Death Rattle" for Nature (Scence Fiction)

"Fox Fire" for the Excalibur 2020 anthology (Fantasy)

"Hellhound, House Broken" for Abyss & Apex (Fantasy)

"The Last Song" for the Backyard Earth anthology (Fantasy)

"Scavenger Hunt" for Ember (Science Fiction)

"A Statement Bag" for Dress You Up: A Capsule Collection of Fashionable Fiction for the Stylish Reader (Mainstream/Literary)

"Tearing the Hood" for Frozen Wavelets (Fairy Tale)

"The Weight of Things Forgotten" for Adamantine Sickle: A Devotional for the Titans