Upcoming Poetry and Fiction

Poetry Acceptances:

Keep My Course True and Other Flights of Dark Fancy poetry collection coming out in 2023 from Trouble Department

"After the Battle" for Penumbric

"At the Crossroads of Old Gods and New" for Seers & Sybils (Slipstream)

"Chester and the Model T" for the Automobilia anthology (Mainstream/Literary)

"Crows and Ghouls" for the HWA Poetry Showcase (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

"Gorgon Constricted" for Star*Line (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

"Living Things" for Best of NewMyths Anthologies Volume 4, The Cosmic Muse (Science Fiction)

"Once in a Lifetime" for Penumbric (Science Fiction)

"Replenishing Eden" for NewMyths.com (Science Fiction)

"Turquoise" and "The Hand of Ra" for Lady of the Sycamore: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Hathor (Mythology)

"Where and When" for Speculatief (Science Fiction)

Fiction Acceptances:

"The Last Song" for the Backyard Earth anthology (Fantasy)

"She" for Dastardly Damsels anthology (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

"So That Happened" for Underland Arcana (Mythology)