Newly Published

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"I See You" for Underland Arcana Spring 2022 Issue. Extra points if you can figure out who this story is really about. (Slipstream)


So excited to be back in Strange Horizons in the 7 March 2022 Issue. This time with a fantasy poem "Final Resting Place" about pottery. The first one was a sci fi poem about painting. What next? Horror about sculpture? (Fantasy)

Enchanted Conversation "Like Thunder in My Head" An original fairy tale and a deeply personal poem when it comes to the migraine parts. April 2022 Issue. (Fairy Tale)

Pyre "Medusa Ups Her Game" Snakes were so last year. Spring/Summer 2022 Issue. (Mythology)

My first time having three poems in one issue. Read "Caught You" (Horror/Dark Fantasy),"Fretful Satellite" (Science Fiction), and "Sensitivity to Light" (Science Fiction) in Star*Line Issue 45.2.

This was one of the first markets to publish me so it's great to be back in over 10 years later. "Reflecting the World" in The First Line Spring 2022. (Fantasy)

So pleased to have five poems -- "The Goddess of Destruction Stops for Tea" (Fantasy), "Jaguar Queen" (Slipstream), "Living in Rubble" (Science Fiction), "Someone Comes Knocking" (Horror/Dark Fantasy), and "We Who Are About to Die" (Science Fiction) -- in Eccentric Orbits 3 (Dimensionfold Publishing, April 11, 2022)

Speculatief "Why Not?" ("Waarom niet?") My very first foreign language sale in this magazine's first issue. Issue 1.1, May (Fantasy)

Cauldron Anthology "The Girl in the Moonlight" finds new life in issue 13 "The Maiden"--a 2021 release but I didn't realize it was out. (Fantasy)