Newly Published

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Deep Magic Summer - "One Way" (Science Fiction) A tale, told in reverse, of a woman and an AI on a one way mission. So pleased this has found such a good home.

"Fox Fire" is out again in The Phantom Games: Dimensions Unknown 2020. A tale of kitsune and swordsmiths. (Fantasy)

"Disruption of Destiny" finds a great new home in Swords & Sorceries: Tales of Heroic Fantasy: Volume 1. She can relieve tired champions of their destinies. But what does she do with these unfilled fates--and why? (Fantasy)


"Anything for the Mission" (Prose Poem) has found a perfect home in the Erato: Flash Fiction anthology. They were sent to the planet for their ability to adapt, but the Fleet sees emotions as weakenss. Will the three of them be recalled just when they're finding happiness together? (Science Fiction/Erotica)

The Future Fire Issue 55 "Neith and Her Women" She is the goddess of war and weaving--don't waste her time when you seek her or her women's counsel. You can read this online. (Mythology)

Not One of Us Issue 64B "Excess Baggage" All passengers are important but some are more crucial than others. (Science Fiction)

Romance (as Kim Strattford):

"Flying Fast, Falling Hard" is part of Riverdale Avenue Books' Under the Cape: An Anthology of Superhero Romance. So happy to see this story get another outing in the world.