Newly Published


Deep Magic Summer - "One Way" (Science Fiction) A tale, told in reverse, of a woman and an AI on a one way mission. So pleased this has found such a good home.

"The Turn of the Year" is out again in Selections of Anthropomorphic Regalements: Volume 1 . So happy to see this "Puss in Boots" mash-up find a fun new home. (Fairy Tale)


Breath & Shadow Summer "Freedom" and "Striding" A special publication from Ability Maine and I'm honored to have two poems in it. You can read these online. (Slipstream)

Dreams & Nightmares Issue 115 "Spiral" A twisted and darkly hopeful poem; this was the perfect spot for it. (Science Fiction)

Star*Line "What If It Hurts?" (Poem) for What if magic was less like a gift and more like an infection? This darkly wry poem examines that. (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Romance (as Kim Strattford):

"Flying Fast, Falling Hard" is part of Riverdale Avenue Books' Under the Cape: An Anthology of Superhero Romance. So happy to see this story get another outing in the world.