Newly Published

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HWA Poetry Showcase Volume X (Horror Writers Association) "Crows and Ghouls" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Eternal Haunted Summer - Winter - "Last Gasp" (Horror/ Dark Fantasy)

Best of NewMyths Anthologies Volume IV, The Cosmic Muse (NewMyths Publishing) "Living Things"(Science Fiction) - Issue 65 - "Replenishing Eden" (Science Fiction)

Pyre Magazine Vol 2. Issue 1 "Conjuring" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Seers and Sibyls (Brigids Gate Press) "At the Crossroads of Old Gods and New" for (Fantasy)

Star*Line Issue 46.4 "Gorgon Restricted" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)


The Dragon's Hoard (WolfSinger Publications) "Here by Choice" (Fantasy)

Underland Arcana Issue 11 "So That Happened" (Mythology)

Underland Arcana Deck Three (Underland Press) "So That Happened" (Mythology)