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Artifice and Craft (Zombies Need Brains) "Raku: Recipe for Revenge" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

ev0ke"The Spirit is Willing" May Issue. As Kim Strattford. (Romance/Fantasy)

Hidden Villains: Arise (Inkd Publishing) "Midnight Rendezvous" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

ParSec Issue 7 "I Was Thirsty and You Gave Me Drink" (Science Fiction/Horror)


The 2023 Rhysling Anthology (Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association) "Living in Rubble" (Science Fiction) and "Spring When I Met You (Spring When I Woke)" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

The Best of Eternal Haunted Summer: A Thirteenth Anniversary Edition (Eternal Haunted Summer) "Hecate's Domain" (Mythology)

Daikaijuzine Issue 14 - "Stone Language" (Fantasy)

Eccentric Orbits - Volume 4: An Anthology Of Science Fiction Poetry (Dimensionfold Publishing) "Archivist of a Lost World," "Bid Farewell to Your Digital Assistant," "Donít Make Me Come Back," and "A Slice of Light" (Science Fiction)

Eternal Haunted Summer Summer "Gaia on the Steps of Cataclysm" (Slipstream)

Frozen Wavelets Issue 8 - "Howling" (Fantasy)

Kaleidotrope Summer - "He Sought a Dark Goddess" (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Sand, Salt, Blood: An Anthology of Sea Horror (Sliced Up Press) "I Float" (Slipstream)

Small Wonders Issue 1 - "Not Set in Stone" (Fantasy)

Star*Line Issue 46.3 "Tips for Shifting: Felis Catus" (Fantasy)

Star*Line Issue 46.2 "Last Act of Service" (Fantasy)

Triangulation: Seven-Day Weekend (PARSEC Ink) "Stolen Memories, Machine Dreams" (Science Fiction)