Newly Published

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"In My Image" was included in The Best Indie Speculative Fiction anthology. My first time my prose made it into a "best of" book! (Science Fiction)

Eternal Haunted Summer Winter Solstice - "Red Seeds That Destroy a Mother" In the Ekprhasis issue, I once again feature Persephone and Demeter working their shit out. Sort of. (Mythology)

Frozen Wavelets Issue 5 - "Tearing the Hood" A dark remix of the "Little Red Riding Hood" story finds life again. (Fairy Tale)


"Dressed in Holiday Style" and "The First Christmas After" (Poems) are in great companyt in CHRISTMAS: A collection of poetry about Christmas, from poets around the world Mainstream/Literary)

Dreams & Nightmares Issue 116 "Look Right" In which I berate Pacal the Great over the mystery of his Red Queen (Slipstream)

"When First You Wooed Me" opens the HWA Poetry Showcase VII. Such a thrill! (Horror/Dark Fantasy)

Neo-Opsis Issue 31 "Heart of a Champion" Sapient racehorses that manage their own careers invade poetry. (Science Fiction)

Songs of Eretz Winter "Homing" The theme was "Spring" (Mainstream/Literary)

Romance (as Kim Strattford):

"Flying Fast, Falling Hard" is part of Riverdale Avenue Books' Under the Cape: An Anthology of Superhero Romance. So happy to see this story get another outing in the world.